Monday, July 26, 2010

Going Meshuga for Meshuga Bands!

We are so excited about our Meshuga Bands...
and we hope you are too!

Each pack contains twelve bands in 6 crazy, fun, and Jewish Shapes!

With Meshuga Bands, you'll be able to wear
a Star of David, Hamsa, Chai, Dreidel, Torah and Shofar proudly on your wrist.
See below for pictures!
You can purchase Meshuga Bands for $5/pack including shipping and handling!

We offer great discounts for orders of 10 packs and more!
We would also LOVE to help you sell "Meshuga Bands" for your Synagogue Gift Shop,
Youth Group and any other fundraiser! Please contact us for amazing discounts!
You can order your bands online or email us to order offline.

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